I'm Ting

I am a designer, doer, continuous learner, product enthusiast, social entrepreneur, and servant leader. I grew up in Shenzhen, China and moved to the US when I was 16. I currently live in sunny San Diego, CA🏖️. Experiencing different cultures has shaped me to be open-minded and empathetic. I’m at my best when I’m helping others, and I do that through design thinking and product innovation.

In 2019, I cofounded PocketCFO, a Public Benefit Corporation, to democratize access of enterprise-level financial intelligence to small business owners. During that time, I expanded my knowledge in product management, digital marketing, lean startup methodology, conscious capitalism, and fundraising, to name a few. I've also honed my design skills, systems thinking, and acquired a deeper understanding of my strengths and motivations.

My journey so far

My career started as a UX Designer at Hulu after graduating from the Interaction Design program at ArtCenter College of Design. Being a designer in a big company made me realize my desire to not just design a small part of something, but to see the whole picture and to understand how different functions contribute to a successful product. Since then, I have dreamed of building a great product from the ground up, something that can change people's lives.

To learn more about the business and technology worlds, I joined the Integrated Design, Business, and Technology program at USC. I met Eric, my cofounder, in the program, and we started PocketCFO, PBC. Being a startup founder opened up a new world for me. It allowed me to see things from different perspectives and understand the connections between product, marketing, business, finance, etc. It always excites me the most when I get into my mind palace to visualize the grand plan for how the product should be.

UI/UX Design
Graphic Design
Design System
User Testing
Product Management
Product Launch
Digital Marketing
Business Strategy



PocketCFO, PBC
Cofounder & CPO
Jul 2019 — Jul 2022
UX Designer
Mar 2016 — Jul 2018
University of Southern California
Integrated Design, Business, and Technology
Aug 2018 — Jun 2019
ArtCenter College of Design
Interaction Design
Jan 2012 — Dec 2015