Pitch Deck and Crowdfunding Campaign

Pitch Deck Design, Business Model, Strategy
Project Overview
The pitch deck and crowdfunding campaign are for PocketCFO's pre-seed round. We want to use the deck to unveil the reality that many small businesses struggle to get the financial knowledge and analytics they need to succeed. PocketCFO is on a mission to democratize access to financial intelligence.
My Contributions
Eric, my founder, is the business mastermind. I am the designer on the team. So for the pitch deck, I helped Eric visualize his ideas while maintaining consistency with our visual language on the website. For the crowdfunding campaign, I created the content by building on top of the deck. My goal was to make it educational and captivating to non-accredited investors.
The secret of a good pitch deck
One of the skills I learned from founding a startup is how to make a successful pitch deck. The process of creating a pitch deck is parallel to writing a story. It needs all the elements of a good story - the characters, the setting, the plot, the conflict, and the resolution. The story has three parties involved: the founders, the customers, and the investors.

The setting is the environment and industry the customers are in. It starts with the discovery of a problem, which the founders feel passionate about and devote themselves to solving.

Every problem is an opportunity in disguise. The plot is how the founders turn this opportunity into a successful business through a sequence of events. Founders' backstories should help demonstrate why they are the protagonists in this story, that they have the skills, the vision, and determination to make it work.

The conflict is what leads to the ask in the deck. During a pitch, the investors are the audience, but a good pitch lets them picture themselves in the story. To get VC investors excited about a company, the climax, AKA the financial projections, needs to resemble a hockey stick. After all, the climax is the most exciting and crucial part of any story or pitch. If done right, it helps convince the investors to join the journey to resolution.

Besides the content, how founders deliver the pitch is vital. Every founder has their unique pitching style and way of making it flow. Expressing their styles and personalities both visually and verbally could make it go from a good pitch to an amazing pitch. In our deck, you can see our pursuit of simplicity while maximizing the data-ink ratio.
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