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Project Overview
PocketCFO is a FinTech SaaS startup. When this version of the website was created, it was at its early stage and getting ready for a beta product re-launch. The goal is to create a website that showcases what the product is, who it is for, and converts visitors into leads.
My Contributions
After graduating from Village Capital's FinHealth program at the beginning of 2022, we conceived a more focused roadmap and narrowed down our target audience. It was time for a redesign of our website. As a one-woman team, I was in charge of everything from creating the visual assets on the website, writing the content, to building it out on Webflow.
Tools I Used in This Project
Figma, Webflow
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Design for Trust and Conversion
Before starting this website redesign project, we found that many of our new users experienced "bank connection anxiety" after signing up. Bank connection is the foundation of our product. My goal with the website was to build credibility and trust through imagery and words.

When there are images of faces on a website, despite the other content, we unanimously gravitate to faces first, which elicit emotional connections. It is the fastest way to create the first impression of trustworthiness. By adding photos representing our target users, BIPOC and female business owners, visitors are able to form a personal connection with our brand. On the redesigned website, you will see other credibility indicators such as business partner logos, testimonials, security information, etc.

To optimize for conversion, I added a product feature section to illustrate our product vision and expanded on the benefits. The blog and PocketChange Academy demonstrate our domain knowledge in the space.

Trust is ingrained in every detail. A good website must have all the boxes checked - from the use of colors, the white space, the quality of the images, to the consistency of the messages.
"Form follows function"
The PocketCFO website has been evolving with us on the startup journey. Design is an iterative process. It is fascinating to see how the website being formed and reformed to serve its purpose at different stages of the company. Here is my wishlist for future iterations (post-launch):
- Product demo video
- Trustpilot reviews section
- More testimonials
- What's new section
- Case studies
- And lastly, cool animations :)
Next Step
Design Iteration